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"...the mat weaving town"

Historical Background of Ogotun Ekiti…

Portuguese explorers “discovered’’ Yoruba cities and kingdoms in the 15th century, but cities such as Ile-Ife and Benin, among others had been standing at their present sites for at least 500 years before the Europeans arrived.

Ile-Ife was the first of all Yoruba cities and it remained a city state that had paramount importance to the Yorubas as the original scared city and cradle of basic religions and thought.

Ogotun Ekiti was not left out as it was founded by one of the sons of Oduduwa, the first king to reign and rule in Ile-Ife, a sacred and holy land being the first to be created by Olodumare, Almighty God in Yoruba mythology and belief.

A city or town that is not historically connected to Ile-Ife is not recognized as part of Yoruba land, nor is it regarded as founded by one of the sons of Oduduwa.... Click Here to Continue Reading